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Prospect REP to bring first boutique hotel to Upper King Street

Upper King Street's first boutique hotel soon will rise. A 54-room, four-story accommodation to be billed as the King Hotel will be built on a vacant lot at 583 King St. The hotel site is across the street from the twin Hyatt hotels and Midtown mixed-use facility that have been under construction since late last year.

The project will be headed by Trey Sedalik, a managing partner of locally based Prospect Real Estate Partners, and business partner Daniel James.

Sedalik said he's confident the hotel will stand apart from the slew of accommodations planned for the area."The Hyatt project will transform the area much like Charleston Place did to the 200 block of King Street in the late '80s," Sedalik said. "We're excited to be part of renewing a once-neglected area in an antebellum city known for preserving its charm and Southern hospitality."

He added that the target clientele is "a younger and more worldly demographic."

TKH Holding Group LLC, registered to Sedalik, purchased the quarter-acre lot for $895,000. Sedalik's plan to build a hotel on the lot has been in the works since 2012. The Charleston Board of Architectural Review gave the project a green light last week, but its designers will likely have to tweak a few architectural features before construction can begin, city planner Tim Keane said. The hotel also got a thumbs-up from future neighbors. The Cannonborough-Elliottborough Neighborhood Association sent a letter to the board last month in support of the project."After discussion and consideration of the proposed designs, our neighborhood association voted unanimously in favor of recommending conceptual approval to your board," Tim Muller, president of the association, said in the letter.

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